Top 5 Things I Miss From Brazil

This is the first in a two-part post in which I try to explain the trouble of being attached to two quite distant nations. The other, which will hopefully be written soon, will be about the things I’ll miss from the US. Now, a few weeks before my return to Brazil, I’ll list up what I miss, and am looking forward to see/do again, from the motherland.

5. Maggie the dog

Our dog, Maggie
Few things in the world are as lovable as pets. And my dog Maggie, she’s just awesome and a sweetheart.

4. My space

Not to be confused with MySpace. Living in a college dorm or with a roommate is great in the sense that you always have friends with whom to chat, but as someone raised without siblings, I sometimes miss my moments of privacy and the little places I can call my own. Plus, it’s frustrating to have to think “how will I take that back?” every time I think of buying awesome stuff.

3. Events

Back home, I run two meetup groups: Curitibronies and Liga N-Blast PR. Through those groups, I made a lot of great friends, and it was always a highlight in my month to be able to meet them up do play video games or Magic: The Gathering, or have picnics, or watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Or whatever. It was awesome.

2. Food

Hoje é dia de Feijoada, bebê
Brazilian food is like one of those amazing things you take for granted and only think about when you can’t have it anymore. From churrasco to feijoada to barreado to variations on Italian, there are some wonderful flavors down there that I miss a ton. And it’s at least a little bit healthier than the usual crap here in the US, too! Just don’t be a vegan and enjoy our tasty, tasty beef.

1. Friends and family

In the end, there’s nothing quite like people to remind you that home is home. And in my home, I have a large array of family and friends, plus an amazing girlfriend, who mean the world to me. I wouldn’t be here without their support.