Resumo do Semestre

Ugh. Novamente deixei este blog comer poeira. Tantas coisas interessantes aconteceram, tantos textos que deixei de escrever. Algumas vezes não havia tempo, outras não achei o tema em mente interessante o suficiente, e outras completamente esqueci do blog. Também estive fazendo outras coisas pela Internet (veja a aba Who Am I? do blog, que está incompleta mas crescendo) e muitas vezes não sabia se deveria escrever em português ou em inglês. Hoje vou usar português, mas provavelmente escreverei textos em inglês para determinados assuntos. Aliás, ao escrever isto nem sei muito bem sobre o que quero escrever.

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The beginning of an adventure

Hello there!

My name is Renan Greca, and welcome to my blog. Despite a few previous failed attempts at creating a blog, I think this time I’ve finally found enough stuff to talk about to maintain frequent posts.

As a first post (in this format), you might not know much about me. That’s okay, I’ll fill you in with the details as they become necessary. For now, here’s the basic gist of it: I’m a 19-year-old Brazilian, I’m in the third year of Computer Science at the Federal University of Paraná and I’m a nerd. I have great friends, a fantastic girlfriend and love my family – many of those will show up later on in my stories.

My goal is to post daily here, telling the tale of my adventure – an adventure about to unfold. On August 19, 2013, six days from today, I’m going to the United States to study there for one year. Right now I’m doing the final preparations I need to leave. I need one more signature from the university and it’s about time I take a tetanus shot. Other than that, I want to relax, play some videogames, watch a movie, read a book. It’s been a long time since I had a week of a real break, with no classes, work or projects to worry about.

Now, I only have to figure out how to make this blog visible to more people. If you like what you read, please don’t hesitate to share it!

New articles coming soon

This month of April has been really busy for me, so I haven’t had much time to type up some articles that I want to type. Starting next week, though, I’ll do my best to write a new article every week. Some topics currently on my mind are Metroid, Pikmin, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale and Rayman Legends. Expect something by next Tuesday or Wednesday.

Blog Reboot!

I’ve decided to clean and reboot the blog. I’ve been having some ideas for articles – about video games and other things – and I think I should share those thoughts with the world. I started by reposting three articles I wrote for IGN in the past few weeks. Two of them were awarded Blog of the Week there, so I think they’re worth reading – you can check them out here, here and here. I’ll also link to posts I write at Shinesparkers and eventually somewhere else here, as well as writing some content not available anywhere else.

I love reading feedback about the things I write, so do not hesitate on voicing your opinion in the comments section! I’ll do my best to read everything and answer accordingly.

Have fun! 😀