Days two, three and four

… I’m really not good at this daily business, am I?

So far, the days have gone by without incident. Yesterday, I went for a walk at the campus in the morning – since it’s not too hot – and got to know Pomona College a bit better. I didn’t take any pictures but I’ll be sure to send some soon. It’s a beautiful campus!

After that we had lunch at a pizza place at La Verne – close to the university where my host family works. It was nice American pizza. During the afternoon we went shopping at WalMart and at the Montclair Plaza mall. I bought some supplies for the dorm and for school at WalMart and I also got a few things for the computer at the RadioShack at the mall.

The following day was the first one of new international student orientation. We had breakfast at I-Place (the International Place of the Claremont Colleges) and then we divided in several groups. Some went to open bank accounts (which I already had done), some went to Target and some to Monclair Plaza. I ended up going to the mall again and there I picked up a new phone – Google’s Nexus 4. After lunch there, we returned to I-Place and chilled there for a while.

I met lots of people that day, and I can’t talk about all of them. There were two Brazilians and many Asians, among a few others. All in all, it was really fun.

Later that day we went for a walk at Mount Baldy, which is really close to Claremont. The sights were really nice.

Sight from Mt. Baldy

After that we ended the day in a restaurant on the mountain.

Yesterday, we spent most of the days indoor watching talks about various aspects of the Claremont Colleges life, including campus safety, students affair office, health center, etc. I spent some more time chatting with the other new students and got to visit the campus bookstore. And I got a Pomona College T-Shirt!

At night, we went to Claremont Village, and Friday is live music night in Claremont. Three bands were playing, so we got to enjoy some jazz, country and rock. I also tried Yogurtland, which was really good! Better than most of the froyo I remember having in Brazil.

There’s nothing at the colleges today, so I’m taking the day to go to WalMart again (I bought the wrong sheet size for the dorm bed) and setting up everything I need before moving into the dorm.


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