I’m here!

Well, after three flights, I’m in Claremont, California. The flights were without incident, and the longest one – almost ten hours between São Paulo and Dallas – was more enjoyable than expected. I rode on a very new Boeing 777-300, with a really decent entertainment service, AC plugs for charging the gadgets and not much vibration throughout the aircraft. It’s still unavoidably noisy, but that was easily made better by a good set of headphones. I read some of The Center Cannot Hold during the smaller flights, but spent most of the larger one sleeping, eating, watching Doctor Who on the entertainment system or playing Mario & Luigi: Dream Team on my 3DS.

I arrived here yesterday, but haven’t had time to post since then. I arrived in the Ontario airport at about 11:30 AM, local time, and then proceded to the Claremont Colleges’ International Place. After that, I was greeted by my host family – a couple of Indians – and went to their home to leave my stuff. It’s a nice family and a nice home, I’m glad to be with them.

My temporary room

My temporary room

For lunch I had some Indian food – spicy! I couldn’t take much of it, too hot for me. Good, but too hot. Speaking of hot, it is HOT here in California. Jumping from winter to summer like this isn’t easy, but it’s still bearable (as long as you have an AC or fan next to you).

On the afternoon I went shopping with the couple’s nephew. I opened up an account at Chase bank (which I will need to receive future CSF scholarships), then went to Best Buy to get a few gadget supplies – a mouse, an external hard drive and a rechargeable batteries set – and then headed to the Apple Store so I could get a computer. Although I was aiming for a MacBook Air, I ended up getting the 13″ MacBook Pro with retina display – the price difference wasn’t too bad, and they only offered 8GB of RAM on the top-of-the-line Air – which would cost about $300 more than the Pro.

By the way, this computer is fantastic.

I also had a little adventure at AT&T, but wasn’t able to do anything there because I don’t have any credit they can check. In the end the best option was to buy a contract-free phone off the Internet and go to them later for a plan. More on that soon.

At night, we dined at an Italian place, which was nice. It was a very long day, and I slept like a rock. Soon enough I’ll post about what happened (and will happen!) today.


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