How I Got Here, part 3


So after I knew I was going to Pomona, I had to find out more about when or where I had to go. I e-mailed people from the college to get information. A few weeks later, I bought my plane tickets. I already bought the return flight, too, but I’ll have to reschedule that next year.All the meanwhile, the university here was recovering from the strike. The first semester of 2012 only ended in October, and the second one ended in March, with a short break during January. 2013 only started in mid-April and has been haunting me throughout all of July and even early August… I only got peace this week. Due to a combination of a weird semester, some classes that went from boring to terrible, and me registering in more classes than was necessary or comfortable, I ended up having a pretty bad semester in 2012/2. In 2013/1, however, I did much better.

In early July, I had to go to São Paulo to get my US Visa. That was actually a rather fun experience. I took a plane and stayed at a hotel by myself for the first time, and we had a few talks from people from the consulate, CAPES, IIE, and other administrators of the program. The consulate was working specifically for CSF students, so there wasn’t much waiting in line involved.

Finally, this past week I finished up everything I had to. Handed in a few last papers to the university, did whatever I had to do at Pomona’s website, cut my hair, took vaccines, etc. Now I only have to pack up some more stuff and enjoy my last few days in Brazil before I leave.

I also packed some of my “toys” to store them properly while I’m gone.

Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, Princess Luna,
Applejack and Rainbow Dash

Mewtwo, Samus, Pit and Link



One thought on “How I Got Here, part 3

  1. Well done Renan. I wish you All the best and hope that you enjoy your new live as a student in USA. Califórnia is fun and beautiful. Congrats!! Jackie

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