How I Got Here, part 2

Almost forgot posting today. Gonna take a while before I get used to this…

Continuing from where we left off… I had to take an English proficiency exam. I already had one from 2009 (University of Michigan’s ECPE), but for Ciência Sem Fronteiras I had to have a TOEFL score less than two years old. So I took the TOEFL exam in October. Out of 120 possible points, I scored 114. I only needed 85 or so (don’t quite remember), so that was that. In early November, I received confirmation that I had passed CAPES’s selection (the Brazilian side of things) and had to fill in a few forms for IIE (the American side of things).

When I say a few, I mean enough forms to take me about two weeks to complete. I had to scan documents, fill in forms, print forms, ask professors or university officials to sign forms, fill in more forms, write essays and then fill in another form. Well, it was mostly done by late November and I sent in the last few things in December. What followed was a period which I like to call The Great Wait.

Only in late March, as I was about to leave with my family to spend Easter holiday at the beach, did I finally get appointed to a college. It was Pomona College, which took me by surprise. “What the heck is this Pomona College,” I asked myself. Oh well, I was going to California! Sometime later I would find out that Pomona is a very respected college, and I’m now very glad I was appointed there.

Well, I’m incredibly sleepy now. And my arm hurts. And I still have more stuff to pack. Good night!


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