How I Got Here, part 1

As I get ready to leave and tell the tales I live abroad, I thought it would be a good idea to tell the story of how this whole process went.It all started a little over a year ago, around June or July 2012. The university (hereafter referred to as UFPR – Universidade Federal do Paraná) was on a teacher’s strike. It was the longest strike in a very long time, and ultimately lasted from May until September. In the midst of all that, a government program called Ciência Sem Fronteiras (Science Without Borders) was taking hundreds of students to study abroad with full-paid scholarships. CSF wasn’t talked about very much, and most people didn’t even know it existed. But in August, two acquaintances left for Canada, and that’s where me and my friends decided it was worth trying it out.

Three friends soon decided to also go to Canada, but I was less decided. As a fluent English speaker, I didn’t want to go anywhere with another language, but that still presented me with four options: Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia. I had good reasons to choose any of those, and would certainly have been really happy either way. In the end, I chose the United States. Going somewhere more familiar to me (I lived in Florida for two years when I was a child and visited again two more times) felt like a better idea than choosing somewhere else just to know a new country. And the US has the best colleges in the world, no question about it. A fourth friend decided to go to Australia at about the same time.

So that was that. I signed up for the US in Fall/2013, since I felt Spring/2013 was too soon. The next step would be to take my English proficiency exam. That was scheduled for October.

I’ll continue the story tomorrow…

In the meantime, I just got DuckTales Remastered and Art Academy: SketchPad, in which I drew this!



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